Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast
Secret Archives of the Vatican - Transglobal breakbeat dub science from our secret lair in the Cronx....also the very best in transnational beats from great artists around the world.
Maharajah of Groove - Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 123


  1. Bangalore
  2. Enter the Temple
    Kalya Scintilla
  3. Self Pharoah
    Stu Dent
  4. Azizi
  5. Sultan Stomp
    David Starfire feat Inner Forest
  6. Liasufam Desert
  7. Portishead The Walls Are Dripping Halloween Remix
  8. Stygian
  9. The Last Gospel (4 Man Func Mix)
  10. Simply Rolling

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.
Dwight D Eisenhower

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Oliphaunt Talk - Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 122


  1. Earth Tribe
    Celt Islam
  2. Egyptian Summer
    Lotus Drops
  3. Darbouka Bass
    Move Until Motionless
  4. Arashi
  5. Arakis
  6. 7araga
    The Narcicyst feat Meryem Saci
  7. Looks Like Rain (Space Jesus Remix
    The Grateful Dead
  8. Mawoud Come Home
    DJ Badre

"A true Warrior does not seek war, nor does he wish to do battle. He merely believes that it is honorable to cling to a worthy cause. It is noble to reach out to those who are weaker than himself and it is valiant to believe that many things are worth giving up everything for."   Phil Messina

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Ship of the Desert - Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 121


  1. Uyghurs with Attitude
    Thousand Yard Prayer
  2. Wandering Sadhu (Jef Stot Remix)
    Desert Dwellers
  3. Iddhipada
  4. Ghazi
    Celt Islam feat Inder Goldfinger
  5. Khanaqa
    Celt Islam feat Inder Goldfinger
  6. 100 Rupees
    Gully and Lowki
  7. Bom-Bae
    Gully and Lowki

  8. Anubis

  9. Caravan
  10. The Way of the Warrior (The Rain)

As peacemakers, we must resist all the powers of war and destruction and proclaim that peace is the divine gift offered to all who affirm life. Resistance means saying "No" to all the forces of death, wherever they may be.
Henri Nouwen.

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  1. Dragon’s Eye
    Beats Antique
  2. The Letter of Prester John
    Thousand Yard Prayer
  3. Marrakesh
  4. Found Shanti
  5. Dune Dub
    Mettakin and Shamandub
  6. Freedom
    Celt Islam

  7. God Gives a Hundred for One
    Secret Archives of the Vatican
  8. How Rustem, The Thief, Moves Through Fire

  9. Last Mosque in Herzegovina

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
Pablo Picasso

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Seven Veils - Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 119



  1. The Steep and Narrow Way
    Thousand Yard Prayer

  2. Thousand Emperor Battalion
    Secret Archives of the Vatican

  3. The Prayer (Distance Remix)
    Rob Sparx

  4. Babylon
    Sukh Knight

  5. Daoine Sidhe

  6. Your Native God
    Amit featuring Rani

  7. Desaidi
    Bardo River

  8. Qumran

  9. Are You Afraid of God?
    Indian Junglist

  10. Yeh Mera Deewana vs. Get Free - Nucleya Mashup
    Susheela Rahman and Major Lazer
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  1. Saied the Half-Hajj
    Secret Archives of the Vatican
  2. Creature Child
    Dysphemic and Miss Eliza
  3. Dhoomketu
    Dr Das
  4. Shift al Mani (Crackboy Remix)
    Omar Souleyman
  5. Cosmique Arabe
    Boyz in the Oud
  6. Luth (Original Mix)
  7. Saalouni (Badre Rmx)
  8. Phoolon Ka Taron Ka (Nerm & D-Code's Final Cinematic Cut)
    Shiva Soundsystem
  9. Stealth Colony
    Dr Das
  10. Lazarus Raised (Grabo'sky Rework) - Badre Remix
    Peter Gabriel
  11. The Last Pharoah Just Died

“They call themselves believers and thereby signify that they are pilgrims, strangers and aliens in the world. Indeed, a staff in the hand does not identify a pilgrim as definitely as calling oneself a believer publicly testifies that one is on a journey, because faith simply means: What I am seeking is not here, and for that very reason I believe it. Faith expressly signifies the deep, strong, blessed restlessness that drives the believer so that he cannot settle down at rest in this world, and therefore the person who has settled down completely at rest has also ceased to be a believer, because a believer cannot sit still as one sits with a pilgrim's staff in one's hand – a believer travels forward”
Søren Kierkegaard

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