Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast
Secret Archives of the Vatican - Transglobal breakbeat dub science from our secret lair in the Cronx....also the very best in transnational beats from great artists around the world.


  1. Damascus (The Illuminated Remix)
  2. Songs From the Seven Towers
    Bombay Dub Orchestra
  3. Dub Science Remix
  4. Nine Ships (Sinbad Al-Bahri remix)
    Thousand Yard Prayer
  5. Jarat Fil Hub: The Chalice Remix
    Cheb I Sabbah
  6. Bauls of New York
  7. Way Out East
    Cheb Semnil
  8. Eternity
    Insane Fennel
  9. Mustached Babysitter
    Insane Fennel
  10. Last Words

Cheb i Sabbah: As I've said more than once, (late great jazz trumpeter) Don Cherry was one of my mentors, having met him when I was in The Living Theater, and then ending up actually performing with him, and he was the first one to really conceive that a DJ could be a part of a band so I used to perform with him live as a DJ and I ended up also being his manager. He always said that music is a gift given to you and that's why you have to share it. But it's only a gift given to you - you're not doing much, you're doing something that already exists, but you are just putting you're own interpretation on it, you are modifying it with your own two cents, you are the conduit for this blessing that has been given to you.

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