Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast
Secret Archives of the Vatican - Transglobal breakbeat dub science from our secret lair in the Cronx....also the very best in transnational beats from great artists around the world.


    1. Simum (Thousand Yard Prayer Remix)
      Secret Archives of the Vatican
    2. Loobia
      Kameronessi & Stas
    3. City of Seven Saints (Cronx Electronica Remix)
      Thousand Yard Prayer
    4. ArABiAn PeNiNSuLA
      BrAhMiN & BoDo
    5. The Cup of Memory (Ethnostep Mix)
      Secret Archives of the Vatican
    6. Oblivion
      Dysphemic and Miss Eliza
    7. Khip Away (Celt Islam Extended Sufi Dub)
      Nine Invisibles
    8. Gaza Dub
    9. Not Having to Choose Between Killing and Being Killed (P.S.A.)
    10. Marawi
    11. Rebi Kayen
      Salah Erawi
    12. Ya Sha
      Alen Antology BasSmusic
    13. Eastern Negotiations
    14. Ganesha Dub
      Ben i Sabbah

    Music: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast. Our ongoing mission: to explore strange new musical worlds, to seek out new rhythms and new civilisations; to boldly go where the mainstream music industry never goes.
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