Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast
Secret Archives of the Vatican - Transglobal breakbeat dub science from our secret lair in the Cronx....also the very best in transnational beats from great artists around the world.
Truth Wars - Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 67


  1. Truth Wars
    Odd Thomas
  2. Beautiful Pain
  3. Dunjaluk الدنيا
  4. Quest - Bandish Projekt 7 Step Remix
    Bandish Projekt
  5. Smack Your Bitch Up
  6. Streets of Katmandu
    Dr Cat
  7. Katmandu
  8. Juggernaut

“That’s sad. How plastic and artificial life has become. It gets harder and harder to find something…real.” Nin interlocked his fingers, and stretched out his arms. “Real love, real friends, real body parts…”

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