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Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 10: Ever so Moorish! Ever so Moorish!

Interviews with The Talking Dog, U-cef and DJ UMB
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Background sounds between tracks are recordings from Essaouira and Marrakech in Morocco

Artist: Threnody
Track:  Baghdad Street
Release:  No Hype EP

Artist:  The Talking Dog
Track:  Dubplate special for Kebra Soundsystem, South Africa

Artist:  U-cef
Track:  MarhaBahia
Release: Halalwood

Artist:  Ges-E & Sukh Knight
Track:  Vengeance
Release: V3 by Nasha

Artist:  Darga
Track:  Rich
Release:  Stop Baraka

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All tracks are either by personal friends and contacts or we have permission from the artist or their label to play them. Please support these artists by buying downloads or CDs. Thank you.

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